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  it’s a rental!

Car's & M.P.V'S

Renault Espace      7 Seater

£70.50 Daily
£352.50 Weekly

Renault Scenic 7 Seater

£40.00 Daily
£200.00 Weekly

Renault Megane

Coupe Cabriolet

£40.00 Daily
£200.00 Weekly

Renault Megane

Fiat Bravo

£35.00 Daily
£175.00 Weekly

Clio Campus/

Fiat Grande Punto

£27.50 Daily
£137.50 Weekly

0800 0567 101

All prices include VAT (15%), Insurance and Recovery.


Drivers need to bring both parts of their Driving License, Two seperate forms

of Identification and payment to be made on either Credit or Debit card

Using PIN.